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Research Seminar



Tid: 2018-03-19 13:00

Weekly open research seminar of the Division of Materials Engineering

Dr Yong Joong Lee, Group Leader Target Materials of Materials Group at the European Spallation Source will give a lecture titled

"Materials Functional Scope and Lifetime at ESS Target Station"



The ESS Target Station will deliver cold and thermal neutrons for materials research. This core function is performed by target, moderator and beam extraction systems. The target receives 5 MW pulsed proton beam from the linear accelerator to produce spallation neutrons, at 4% duty factor. The high flux of spallation neutrons is scattered and stopped by functional components like moderators and shielding components like inner shielding blocks. This high proton beam power induced thermal and mechanical loads place demanding requirements on the design of the core functional components and other beam intersecting and beam stopping systems in the target station. The high flux of protons and neutrons structurally and chemically degrade the material properties of   the core target station systems, which limits the functionality and lifetime of the affected systems. In this talk, an overview of the functional scope and lifetime criteria of the materials used for the critical components at ESS target station will be presented. Also, a roadmap towards a routine irradiation program at ESS is presented.